Pram rage

Am I the only person who has notice how difficult it is to travel on buses these days when you have to compete with the ubiquitous baby buggy?  There is a designated section on the buses for them with which I find no fault but not only are the buggies getting larger but they always seem to be festooned with large well filled grocery bags and the occasional scooter is often hooked on to the buggy.

I think it would be an enormous help for passengers and prams if prams boarded at the exit doors which would mean they could get to their designated space easily and quickly.

“Pram rage” is noticeable as they proceed through the bus with the mindless force of a tank – ricocheting off the seated passengers and other standing passengers who don’t move out of their way fast enough!

Interestingly enough the occasional father boarding a bus with a pram seems to be able to judge space more accurately and rarely bumps other passengers – is this a sex characteristic?!

Another aspect of the space problem is that many elderly passengers now bring their shopping carts on the buses – understandably they would find it difficulty to carry heavy shopping bags. Having nowhere to park them they have to place them in the aisle which blocks the aisle for prams and passengers.

As everyone today is very conscious of the “rights” which translates to “me first” no immediate answer comes to mind – there simply isn’t space in a bus to accommodate all the “extras” and wider buses would not be practical.  In other countries bicycles etc are clipped on a rack attached to the front of the buss below the drivers window – perhaps that would solve the pram and/or shopping cart problem – then the buses could go back to being people carriers again.

Until that time may the best four wheeler win!