How To Find A Date After 60

For all of us in the latter stages of life, finding love again can be a daunting task and you may think that it is impossible. However, the reality is that although dating is slightly different from when we were younger, it is still a realistic goal. I have been thinking about a few useful tips on how to find a date above 50.

Let’s look at some of the options available to us.

It may sound frightening at first, but online dating is an excellent starting point. You can protect your privacy as much as you like, revealing only information that you choose, when you choose to. The main benefit of this is that there is no early pressure on a relationship as time can be taken conversing and getting to know each other before building up to a face to face meeting. But remember that a face to face meeting is the only way to truly know if someone is who they say they are as well as know if the feelings over mail are real or should remain in cyber space.

Perhaps you prefer face to face contact from the start, senior centers are a good place to find like minded people and develop friendships. Interest clubs are also a great ice breaker as you already share a common interest such as art, history, philosophy – Some universities offer courses for the mature student.

Singles events are plentiful and you could join a few of the many clubs and societies in your area. These make me nervous as I feel a bit like being at a ‘meat market’, I prefer a distraction of another ‘reason’ for being there.

When actually on a date you really should remember to go back to the advice when were younger and just be yourself. Pretending to be something or someone else will do you no favours whatsoever. In any case, your date is likely to feel exactly the same as you do and will be equally keen to make a good impression. Being open and honest from the beginning is always the best policy.

Another key thing to bear in mind is to remain positive and up beat. You want to come across as someone who lives life to the full in the present time and who still has future hopes and dreams. Reminiscing about the good old days and moaning about how much better things used to be will not impress anybody. Keep health issues out of the conversation, you do not want a prospective partner thinking they are applying to be your nurse.

Although finding dating over 50 may seem problematic initially, it really is no different from at any other age. Remain active and optimistic, and you never know when the love bug will bite!