Spectator or participant, either way the parade of life is moving down the boulevard

Life is a paradeI know we all have a million ‘if’s and buts’ BUT either way it is a conscious decision.

Get involved in the ‘parade’ which may mean getting wet in the rain, breaking a nail, having a wardrobe malfunction or you could stand on the pavement and watch it all go right past you. Sadly, you will be in the same place watching the used balloons bop aimlessly pass you.

Of course, by joining in, the risk of something going wrong is much higher, but is it not worth it? So weigh it up.

Do you want to be safe sitting in your foldable chair on the pavement never having a story to tell, or do you want to get involved and have some fun, perhaps you will fall down, but then you will learn how to get back up again.

Of course there is nothing wrong with your choice should you want to sit on the pavement, but how about you give it a go? Grab your bag and head out on an adventure, at least then you will have a story to tell, perhaps a new friend or two or maybe you will have learnt something new!