Computers – Friends or foe

Computers are not difficult to understand and operate at an elementary level.  I didn’t always think so but after taking a basic course at the local library I changed my mind.  Like so many things in life it is a question of attitude.  You are faced with a screen and keyboard and you have to operate one to get to the other so to speak.  Then it is up to the long suffering patient teachers to help and they do!!

Slowly at first as one tends to press the wrong key quite often – but then you get it. It is a great feeling to be able to move the “mouse” on its little mat and see (magically to you!) a tiny “hand ” symbol appear indicating where you would like to go from your present page to any number of websites.

Also e-mail is the perfect way to correspond with friends with computers.  You just type all your news and with a click of a “mouse” it has arrived at your friends computer.  You can even save letters in draft form and order goods and sell them too.

Shopping on line is not everyone favourite as the physical act of going into a shop and seeing goods in reality as opposed to virtual reality is much more fun. If you do decide to shop online note that the site has good security on it before entering your banking details. The key symbol to check for is a little padlock shown at the bottom right of the screen- if you do not see this then it might be safer to call the company that you wish to buy the product from or perhaps find the product on another site that does have a secure connection.

Not having to lug the shopping home from the store does make me see the distinct advantages of online shopping, especially when it comes to that monthly shop!

If you would like more information on courses and resources available, we found this website helpful or contact your local library.