New Year resolutions

How many of these have you made over the years? I lost count in my twenties… so there is no chance now!

Why do we make them? Is it to try to fix the errors of the past year? Guilt for not having taken advantage of the opportunities?

Either way I will not be making them this year, or should I? There are so many thoughts on the subject amongst my friends that I am as scared to not do them as to do them. So I have decided to make them more general this year, that might help, and share them with you.

In 2011 I did so many wonderful things and I feel I took opportunities that presented them selves. Traveling to the US again so that I could visit Monument Valley, then white water rafting in Colorado – these were all dreams I seized. How do I better them in 2012?

The resolutions I have come up with are to embrace each opportunity that presents itself, I will not be accused of being a ‘wall flower’. To make sure that at the end of 2012 I have learnt many things and experienced life, let it touch me.

How do you feel about resolutions? Do they fill you with dread?


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